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Melodies of the Storm

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* Do not upload my files to any streaming sites (If you see my subbed videos on any streaming sites such as: Youtube, Veoh, Dailymotion, ect, please contact me).
* Do not re-upload my files to other sites.
* Do not re-post direct links anywhere, please just link back to my entries.
* All the videos belong to Arashi Johnny and Associates or the channel they were broadcasted on, raw files and translations belong to people who I credit.

Please respect me and my rules, I don't want to be sue.

.About me.

* Oct 26. 21. Scorpio.
* Vietnamese. A normal student. A fangirl.


I randomly sub some of Arashi PVs, performances, etc. All the translations are not mine because I can't translate from Japanese to English ^.^

I only sub what I like, will not take requests.


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