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24 December 2009 @ 02:01 pm
Hello everyone, thank you for dropping in this community ^.^

This community was created by me, shouri_yumi , in order to post my subbed videos. I only sub Arashi PVs and performances, there will be no TV shows or dramas or something like that here. Most of them are karaoke sub, I know a lot of people love singing along with Arashi.

All the translations are not mine, because I can't translate from Japanese to English (I can only translate FROM Japanese AND English TO Vietnamese, but if I want to sub anything in Vietnamese, I will do it with janken_vietsub ).

In my community, all etries are friend-locked but membership is open, so feel free to join. I only have some simple rules:
* Do not upload my files to any streaming sites (If you see my subbed videos on any streaming sites such as: Youtube, Veoh, Dailymotion, ect, please contact me).
* Do not re-upload my files to other sites.
* Do not re-post direct links anywhere, please just link back to my entries.
* Don't claim the videos as your own works. I'm doing this all alone and it's not easy, seriously.
* All the videos belong to Arashi Johnny and Associates or the channel they were broadcasted on, raw files and translations belong to people who I credit.
Please respect me and my rules, I don't want to be sue.
This is not really a rule but I don't take requests. I'm quite a perfectionist so I want to bring you the best I can. If I don't like the song you request, it will be a bad product, and I can't release something like that. There are other fansubbers who can manage to do it, so go ahead and request them.

I left the membership open because I trust our fandom. Remember that when you click the join button, you've promised to follow all the rules. Don't break it.

So, thank you for reading, hope you'll find something you like here ^.^
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